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About Us


Who Are We…

Family owned and operated, we have over 40 years combined experience in the flooring industry which assures our customers we have the knowledge, skill and ability to handle all your flooring requirements.

We strive to lead the industry in customer service and ultimate satisfaction.

We grew up in the Rogue Valley. We are your friends, your neighbors, your customers.

We are community minded and have supported JPR and Britt Festivals. A pair of our owners took on 3 foster sons (all brothers) and adopted them in March 2012. As our business grows so will our sponsorships of various local organizations such as Little League, The Dunn House and Hope House.


A Little History:

A couple of guys making money for other people dreamt of one day being their own boss. The dream morphed into a business plan and the plan was executed.

Completely Floored opened February of 2007 and took off like its hair was on fire. The first month we exceeded our expected earnings by 40%. The orders were coming in before we were even done remodeling the showroom. Things were looking good. Little did we know that we had started a business at the beginning of the biggest recession since the Great Depression.

The first year went well, all considering. We had our share of struggles but were satisfied with our progress.  The second year brought the sting of our countries economic problems. We made adjustments accordingly and continued to maintain status quo.

Two of our partners are masters of the budget so it came to be SOP to require a company Powwow to buy a box of pencils. Sounds ridiculous but it seems to be working.

We stretched our marketing imaginations, flexed our cold call dialing fingers and prepared to attend any event to advertise ourselves that fit into our meager advertising budget.

As the daily headlines offered nothing but financial gloom and doom, we were forced to take things a step further by sacrificing a sales person/owner, Bob Wood, to installations, thereby reducing labor costs. Bob has over 20 years experience installing so it was the logical choice.

Even though his body did not appreciate it, it was a very sound business decision and allowed our company to connect with customers on an additional level. Having the owner of the company on his hands and knees in their home seems to please some people. Thankfully, Bob is back in the showroom doing much better now that he is pleasing customers in the upright position.

The economy, at least locally, seems to have turned a corner in the right direction. Things are looking up and we are all very satisfied that our hard work, dedication and sacrifice paid off.

We know we owe our success to those referral and repeat customers who keep touting our value. We salute you!



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